Capturing opportunity

SGF offers investors the opportunity to invest in a fund which specialises in investing in international shares. We follow a value-driven investment approach supported by intensive fundamental research, which enables us to invest in strong but undervalued companies around the world. As true investors – not speculators – we take a long-term view that allows us to ignore the fluctuations of the day and focus on a company’s intrinsic value.


Monthly Update - August 2019

  • Markets were softer in August but calendar year-to-date (YTD) returns remain solid

  • Growing pipeline of new investment ideas and confirmation of progress on particular core Fund positions

  • Continuing divergence caused by investors chasing high-growth but very expensive stocks leaving behind cheap positions is creating compelling opportunities for long-term focused investors


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SQM Research Rating

We are proud to announce that Strategic Global Fund achieved a rating of 3.5 stars from SQM Research. Key takeaways from the report:

  • Relatively low correlation to the MSCI World ex Australia AUD Index and S&P/ASX 300 Index, providing some diversification benefits to a client’s multi-sector portfolio.

  • A genuinely actively-managed investment approach, resulting in a portfolio that will tend to be highly differentiated to the traditional global equity fund.

  • Low turnover and tax efficient.


Global Opportunity

The Strategic Global Fund is a registered managed fund based in Australia that offers investors the opportunity to invest in international shares. We create value for our investors by searching for compelling opportunities which have been overlooked in global share markets. We pride ourselves on bringing a fresh perspective.

We think and act long-term.

Our Approach

Distinctive Investment Strategy

Our investment approach is simple: We invest in listed businesses with a focus on identifying hidden or unrealised value, often in investment themes that play out over years. In studying investment opportunities we develop a deep understanding of the sectors and companies; perform rigorous fundamental work based on facts and data.

We maintain an independent and objective viewpoint. 


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Further Information

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