SGF mFund has launched on the ASX

We are excited to announce that the Strategic Global Fund Is now available on the ASX. 

Operated by the ASX, the mFund Settlement Service allows access to certain unlisted managed funds through a more streamlined transaction settlement process. The Strategic Global Fund mFund (mFund code: STR01) offers investors the convenient choice of buying and selling units in SGF directly through any mFund-participating broker.

Participating Brokers Include:

For self directed investment through mFund, click here - belldirect

For advisor investment through mFund, click here - desktopbroker

To see a list of all mFund participating brokers - Click here

The advantages of investing via the mFund service include:

Removal of paper-based applications
The mFund Settlement Service does not require you to complete application forms when buying new units or when selling existing units in an unlisted managed fund, saving you time.

Automation of the process & holdings
By using ASX's world-class electronic settlement system (called CHESS), orders for units are sent electronically to the mFund. This enables progress of orders to be monitored, and at settlement for unit balances to be recorded on your HIN alongside other investments; providing greater transparency over your holdings in the same place as other ASX shares you own.

Annual distribution of fund income to investors

Unlike with listed investment companies (LICs) mFund investors buy and sell units at the per-unit net asset value (NAV) of the Strategic Global Fund (subject to a buy/sell spread), not at a market price driven by supply and demand which can be less than NAV.

The SGF mFund officially launched on the ASX on July 16, 2018. 

Click here to see how to invest.

John SampsonASX, mFund