Strategic Global Fund - ARSN 613 886 392 APIR OMF0027AU

The Strategic Global Fund is a registered retail managed fund that offers investors the opportunity to invest in a fund which specialises in investing in outstanding listed companies that trade on international share markets.

We create value for our investors by searching for compelling opportunities which have been overlooked in international share markets.

SGF invests with a long-term time horizon and employs a fundamental, bottom-up approach. Independent proprietary research is the key to our investment process. 

Our Mission

The investment objective of this Fund is to provide capital growth over the long-term through searching out undervalued listed investments in companies around the world.

Where Is The Fund’s Money Invested?

The Fund primarily invests in listed securities.  The Portfolio will ideally consist of 7-30 securities that our investment team believe to be undervalued by the market.  Cash may be held when undervalued securities cannot be found.  

The Portfolio of the Fund will typically have 80% or more net equity exposure.

The Portfolio is constructed in accordance with our disciplined, research-driven investment process. 

This Fund May Be Suited To You If You:

  • Believe in the long-term wealth creation potential of share investments

  • Wish to achieve investment diversification by accessing international share market opportunities

  • Accept that returns over the shorter term may fluctuate and that returns may be negative

Minimum Suggested Time Horizon

Five or more years.

Income Distribution

Annually as at 30 June.

Responsible Entity

One Managed Investment Funds Limited ABN 47 117 400 987

AFS Licence 297042 (Responsible Entity)

Investment Manager

JBS Investments Australia Holding Limited
ABN 30 146 553 648
AFS Licence 401869 (Investment Manager)


One Registry Services Pty Limited ACN 141 757 360